Innovation is at the core of our commitment to growing our business and making a positive impact in the world: millions dollar’s investment on the innovative machinery to work out the best solutions for the packaging market. We are making every effort to contributing our innovative and eco package to build a much better world.

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Lab Center

Our testing laboratory and professional team of scientists are experts in testing food packaging materials. We have a comprehensive range of equipment and our testing services include national & international methods for the evaluation of food packaging materials.Our techniques include mechanical testing, chemical testing, microbiology testing and evaluation of packed materials.Our other services include the below test methods and contents,Food application and using condition test Lid fitting/sealing test Package air tightness test.

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Build your brand design with Sowinpak

Love exciting, innovative and eye-catching designs on your table? Enjoy energizing colors and vibrant motifs? Like to stay on top of the latest trends? Then Designs for Sowinpak could be right up your street!

Designs for Sowinpak is a series of fun, fresh and colorful collections we create in collaboration with the hottest designers around. If you are looking to create individual tables that get people talking, check them out.


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