August 25,2021



Are you looking for OEM services in the food industry? Or for the best packaging solution for your food? As a green packaging producter, Sowinpac provides excellent OEM services, including oem PAPER CUTLERY ,like oem PAPER LID FOR SOUP CONTAINER
oem PAPER LID FOR ICE CREAM CUP and so on. We have delivered the best solution for the packaging market.


Paper Cutler

The general paper tableware itself has no waterproof function, so it will be coated with wax and acrylate adhesive, and then processed to make paper disposable tableware, but it is likely to have some difficult-to-degrade materials on it. In addition, paper tableware is subject to certain restrictions on the use effect and scope of application due to reasons such as non-waterproofness, strength and differences in other meals.


Paper Lid For Soup Container

In McDonald's and KFC, you can find that they are often used on porridge for breakfast or vegetable salad for dinner. Their cup body is made of paper, and the cup lid is a plastic lid. This also has an advantage, it is beautiful, and it is not easy to make mistakes when catering. But in some other catering industries, non-transparent paper cup lids will appear more advanced. Want to make them look more textured, it is wise to choose oem PAPER LID FOR SOUP CONTAINER in SOWINPAC.




oem PLASTIC Paper Lid For Ice Cream Cup

During the buffet, I would take two ice creams and disposable plastic serving spoons on the aluminum buffet serving trays, and then sit on the 3 seater sofa and enjoy them slowly with my friends. This has certain requirements for them to store ice cream, for example, paper cups may break over time. Due to our sturdy cardboard, ice cream looks tasty. And they have nice exterior. These lids are firm and have excellent leak-proof properties, and can seal the food in the cup, whether it is gelato, dessert, macaroni, soup, etc. Choose our paper lid for ice cream cup, you can make them delivered to the customer's hands unharmed, now contact us to provide oem paper lid for ice cream cup!



oem paper lid for ice cream cup



They use the most environmentally friendly raw materials and are biodegradable, so that our customers can use them at ease. It will not pollute the environment, although the cost may be a little higher than that of non-environmentally friendly products. Compared with the pollution caused to the earth, this price is very small.

Why Choose SOWINPAC to be your OEM PAPER CUTLERY IN SOWINPAC supplier?

You may be thinking, why do I want to cutlery oem paper in sowinpac? No matter who it is, there is a very big question mark when the other party says that you want to buy your own products.


Packaging Materials Control

We have a laboratory center where a team of professional scientists inspects food packaging materials. Coupled with the assistance of comprehensive equipment, we can ensure the safety and environmental protection of our products. The specific test is the domestic and international methods for the evaluation of food packaging materials. Our technology includes chemical testing, mechanical testing, microbiological testing and packaging material evaluation. In addition, food applications and conditions of use test cover installation/sealing test package air tightness test is also applied. Therefore, you can rest assured with our oem service.


In the final packaging, they are all sterilized in the hands of our employees who wear belnding gloves.


SOWINPAC Provides U With Professional Design

If you have strict requirements on external packaging, just tell us what you think, and our design team will provide you with solutions.


As long as you tell us what you need, through oem service, your paper lid for soup container or for ice cream is full of innovative ideas.


Designs for SOWINPAC is a series of interesting, fresh and colorful series created in collaboration with the hottest designers around us. Use SOWINPAK to create your brand design to combine your products with the latest trends. They are full of vitality and more eye-catching under the shining of retail display light.




Now, through our oem paper cutlery to help you get packaging solutions, use the most environmentally friendly materials to make your catering more green and healthy.


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