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oem PP LID FOR PAPER BOWL Product information

Both single wall and ripple wall types, the paper bowl with lid is designed for both cold and hot foods. It’s more a walking advertisement than a package. It is leak-proof and suitable for microwave use. The large size is perfect for parties, families, or value meals. Serve it alone so that customers can make their own meal or pair it with sides so that customers can create an instant picnic.


From soups to oatmeal to ice cream, show your commitment to environmentally responsible practices with eco-friendly branding. Lid options: paper/PP/PET, different kinds of lid for different occasions.


What is sustainable food packaging

Sustainable packaging refers to packaging that is recyclable. They are usually associated with sustainable raw materials or recoverable (eg, recyclable, degradable) raw materials, and the economic feasibility and social impact of packaging are often overlooked. It is easy to mislead consumers. Consumers think that only packaging that uses sustainable or recoverable raw materials is sustainable packaging.


Short history


The core concept of sustainability has a history of hundreds of years, and its modern definition has been formally established by organizations, companies, non-governmental organizations and policy makers and applied in various fields. The term sustainability is estimated to have more than 300 definitions. The emergence of the actual term sustainability is based on a United Nations report in 1987 (the Brundtland Report), which defined sustainable development as “the condition that does not impair the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Development to meet the needs of contemporary people".


The concept of a more sustainable world has developed into one of the most influential principles for continuing to implement global development policies, with environmental protection and economic and social development as core values. Reaching a consensus on the quantifiable definition of the depth of sustainable packaging is critical to assessing the relative sustainability of one type of packaging versus another. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Tesco and other companies have also defined sustainable and sustainable packaging respectively. The lack of consensus in this industry may be part of the cause of confusion among consumers, who are already struggling to distinguish sustainable packaging from other less sustainable packaging. Although there are many definitions of sustainability, only two are specifically related to packaging.


My thought 


From new designs, material innovations to sustainable production methods, the food and beverage packaging market has been attracting industry attention. As you can see the tableware in the picture, we are committed to creating sustainable packaging, and we provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions for all walks of food.


Sustainable packaging is also constantly advancing with the times. Choosing sustainable food packaging is the best solution for life now. It is of great benefit to the planet we live in and to mankind.


About wholesale OEM PP LID FOR PAPER BOWL Company


Zhejiang Sowinpak Co.,Ltd is one of the leading Customized wholesale oem SUSTAINABLE FOOD PACKAGE supplier,manufacturer,factory,for sale in China.

Any interests, welcome to contact us.


Company profile


Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and has taken shape in the packaging market as a high-tech enterprise, which combines R&D, production and sales. We devote to providing high quality, innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly paper packaging solutions for high-end restaurant chain, bakery, food factory and other industries.

In terms of scale, there are more than 200,000 square meters of modern intelligent factory with Class 100,000 and 300,000 clean workshops. It also accommodates more than 500 advanced automatic production equipment. Sowinpak persists in regarding technology R&D as the core driving force of enterprise development and have accumulated profound R&D strength and technical ability that formed a set of relatively perfect R&D system after more than 10 years of exploration and experiences. Nowadays, Sowinpak has more than 90 domestic and foreign patents which is on the forefront of the field .

Sowinpak has sophisticated quality, environment and food safety management systems, we have been approved by BRC, GMP, ISO9001&22000, BSCI and SEDEX. Our products are not only in the line with the standards of GB, FDA, EU, BfR etc., but also certified via BPI, Seeding|Din Certco and OK COMPOST|Vincotte. The pulp used for food grade paper is sourced from sustainable managed forests which are complied with PEFC and FSC Standard.


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